"IPEC + ExcipientFest = Natural Chemistry"

ExcipientFest is honored to be presented by IPEC Americas

The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council is the global association of manufacturers and users of pharmaceutical Excipients. This federation of regional associations (IPEC Americas, Europe, Japan, China) focuses on the applicable law, regulations, science, and business practices. IPEC strives to achieve harmonization of regulatory standards, pharmacopoeial monographs, GMP guidelines and standards of qualification of Excipient suppliers on a global level. www.ipecamericas.org

IPEC Launched EXCiPACT succesfully in the US!

IPEC-Americas is pleased to announce the successful US launch of EXCiPACTTM , a voluntary international certification scheme designed and developed to assure cGMP and cGDP standards are being used in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical excipients.

Approximately 100 stakeholders representing designers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and users of pharmaceutical excipients, plus regulatory bodies and academia, gathered in Maryland on 29th April for the launch event during ExcipientFest®. They heard and interacted with speakers from the FDA, J.M. Huber Corporation, and Hedinger GmbH & Co., who discussed the reasons for creating EXCiPACT and the benefits it can bring to supply chain security, cost saving and patient safety. Much emphasis has been placed on the training and certification of 3rd party auditors to deliver the scheme.

A website is available to assist the pharmaceutical supply chain to learn more about the use and value of EXCiPACT(TM). In addition to useful background information, the website provides access to the EXCiPACT(TM) Standards, information and guidance on the certification process plus auditor training requirements, training sessions and qualifications. Lists of approved 3rd party audit organizations, approved auditors and certified organizations will be added as they become available.


IPEC State Dinner 2014 a great success

The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) presented One World Regulatory Excellence Awards to eleven industry leaders whose work helped further IPEC's mission of promoting quality in pharmaceutical excipients. Excipients are the inactive ingredients used in the delivery of medications.

Awards were given during the IPEC-Americas sponsored State Dinner at ExcipientFest Americas, which took place on April 28, at the Raleigh Marriott City Center.


IPEC State Dinner at ExcipientFest Americas

The award recipients (from left to right): Ann Van Meter (Dow), Dr. R. Christian (Chris) Moreton (FinnBrit Consulting), John Punzi (CHPA), Dr. Brian Carlin (FMC), Dr. Maria Guazzaroni Jacobs (Pfizer), Dwight Mutchler (ExcipientFest), Priscilla Zawislak (Ashland), Martin Van Trieste (Rx360), Katherine Ulman (Dow Corning), Dr. Irwin Silverstein (IBS Consulting in Quality), and Catherine Sheehan (USP).