2011 Speakers & Presentations


EXCIPIENTFEST - Educational Sessions

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KEY-NOTE SPEAKER: "Component Control; “Changes to 21 CFR 211”- Mr. Steven Wolfgang, Data Analysis Team Leader – FDA CDER (IPEC)

“Lipid Chemistry: Novel Approaches for the pharmaceutical Sciences” by Mr. Damon Dalrymple - Abitec
“Understanding the Total Cost of the Extended Materials Supply Chain” by Mr. Londa Ritchey - Pfizer (IPEC)
“Highly Flowable & Compactible Microcrystaline Cellulose” by Mr. Masayuki Kakizawa - Asahi Kasei
Got Value? Going beyond TCO in your supplier selection process by Mr. Alex Pena – Warner Chilcot (IPEC)
“Legislative Update; An Industry Perspective“ by Mr. James Willtraut* - Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney (IPEC)
“The First Aqueous Polymeric Dispersion for Moisture Barrier and Taste Masking Applications” by Mr. Nigel Langley - BASF

Lunch + Speaker (Baltimore Ballroom)“Legislative Update on Food Safety” Congressional Staffer TBD* (IPEC)

“Co-Processed Excipients: IPEC Guidelines” by Mr. David Schoneker* - Colorcon (IPEC)
“A Superior Excipient for Roller Compaction and Dry Granulation” by Mr. Gregory Thoorens - FMC
“Co-processing & Modeling Tools for simplifying Modified Release Formulations” by Mr. Franz Penz - Meggle
“Innovative Ready- to-Use Coating Solutions for Taste Masking Applications with Focus on Process Simplification” by Mr. Felix Specht - BioGrund
“Microcrystalline Cellulose; 215 to 240, Myth or Reality?" by Mr. David Schaible - JRS Pharma
“Isomalt in Pharmaceutical Technologies” by Mr. Bodo Fritzsching - Beneo Palatinit

“Continuous Manufacturing; Challenges of Going Back to the Future”
Speakers* from FDA, ISP, Pfizer, USP, Warner Chilcott, IPEC


“Effective Cleaning of Time Release & Color Coatings” by Mr. James Sullivan - Dober
“Third Party Solutions: IPEA, Excipact” by Mr. Irwin Silverstein* – IPEA  & Mr. Dale Carter - Excipact
“USP Excipient Performance Chapter <1059>: Excipient QbD as It Relates to Performance and Functionality” by Ms. Catherine Sheehan - USP
“Characterization and Use of an Excipient in Direct Compression Tableting” by Mr. James Farina – Avantor Performance Materials
“Harmonization - PDG Progress” by Ms. Susan DeMars - USP
“Know your Vital Excipients; Recent Developments Beyond Disintegration with Crospovidone” by Mr. Wayne Camarco – ISP Pharma

Lunch + Speaker (Baltimore Ballroom) - “Excipient Variability and Functionality Testing” -
Mr. Steve Hoag* - University of Maryland (IPEC)

“Atypical Actives” by Ms. Janeen Skutnik – Pfizer (IPEC)
“Taste Masking and Moisture Protection” by Mr. Abhishek Kathuria - Evonik Polymers
“Handling the Overpressure Challenges of Taste-Masked APIs” by Mr. John Tillotson – SPI Pharma
“Applications of HPMCAS & L-HPC for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms" by Mr. Sakae Obara - Shin-Etsu
“FDA Excipient Library ” by Ms. Cindy Buhse*, Director of Pharm Analysis, Testing & Research, Office of Pharm Science, CDER, FDA (IPEC)
“Spectroscopic ID Testing” Alan Potts, PhD - USP
“Elemental Impurities - Excipient Realities” by David Schoneker, Colorcon (IPEC)

“Excipient Functionality & Developing Issues“(Moderated by Pharmaceutical Technology)
Speakers* from FDA, BASF, Amgen, USP, Colorcon


Pharmaceutical Formulation on Tablet Dosage Forms - Emerson Resources, Inc.

Functional Excipients for Modified Release and Solubility Enhancement - Evonik Polymers

Colorcon Formulation and Coating School for Hydrophilic Matrices - Colorcon, Inc.

Supplier Auditing: Qualification, Supply-Chain Security, Incoming Ingredient Approval - Rx360
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