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Puerto Rico's best Pharma Event
with all the top Exhibitors and
Cutting-Edge Tech Conferences

The two day event has become one of the leading international forums devoted to scientific developments in excipient technology. This year proved to be a true educational bridge between worldwide excipient manufacturers and Puerto Rico’s demanding pharmaceutical industry, with more then 60 Exhibitors and over 700 pharma scientists & professionals in attendance.

ExcipientFest Puerto Rico- 2007 featured in-depth presentations, hands-on short-courses, and a poster session focused on new excipient technologies and regulatory issues. The conference is designed to have a total science focus and to be true to the role of functionality of pharmaceutical ingredients in the formulation process. ExcipientFest proves once more, that the real magic in pharma begins with the science... and the science is the fun!

2007 Technical & Regulatory Conferences

Benefits of Separating De-Agglomerating Agents in Formulation & Stabilization of Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) Mr. Dev K Mehra- Huber Engineered Materials
International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Compliance Guidelines: Costs & Benefits for Excipients Mr. Augustine Concilio- Rohm & Haas
Problematic Formulation Processes with Acrylic Film and Particle Coatings made Easy Mr. Daniel Shaheen- Mutchler Inc. USA
The Changing Paradigm of Excipient Qualification Ms. Alexa Smith- Colorcon
Co-processing of Actives for Enhanced Formulation Functionality Dr. Alan Guy, PhD- JRS Pharma
Use of Roller Compaction in Development of Solid dosage Forms Dr. Paul Sheskey, PhD- Dow Chemical
Pharmaceutical Ingredient Supply Management: The Role of Distribution Mr. Tom Nist, Univar & Jane Wells, Univar- DCAT (Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association)
Guidelines for a Better Dissolution of Immediate Release Tablets Mr. Valdemir Passos- Blanver USA
A Versatile Lipidic Excipient for Tablets- in Sustained Release, Lubrication & Coating Applications Ms. Jasmine Musakhanian- Gattefosse USA
Powder & Tabletting Characteristics of a new Multifunctional Excipient specifically Developed for Direct Compression Mr. Oliver Luhn- Palatinit
Preparation of Sustained Release Granules using MCC Spherical Seed Cores Dr. Yoshihito Yaginuma, PhD- Asahi Kasei
PAT & Manufacturing Science: A Puerto Rico Initiative Mr. Rodolfo Romanach PhD- University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
DOE of Film Coating Ingredients for Prediction of Coating Performance & Problem Solving Dr. Stuart Porter, PhD & Lana Terzian- ISP
Meaningful Characterization of Excipients & API's Mr. Robert Tuohy- Emerson Resources
Application of Polymethyl Acrylic Acid in Soft-gel Capsules Mr. Charles Onyiuke- BASF Pharma Solutions
Does Characterization of Excipient Physical & Chemical Properties Build Quality into the Drug Product? An Excipient view! Dr. Brian Carlin, PhD- FMC BioPolymers USA
Applications of Polymethacrylate Polymers in Matrix Dosage Forms Dr. Nasser Nyamweya, PhD- Degussa Rohm Pharma Polymers
SUPAC in 2007: Components, Composition & Manufacturing Changes Mr. Joseph Zeleznik- JRS Pharma
Comparative Tabletting Characteristics of Vegetable vs. Bovine Magnesium Separate Mr. Pieter Gommans- Peter Greven
Patents of Excipients: Science? Law? Business? Mr. Arthur Deboeck- Galephar Pharmaceuticals
Partially Pregelatinized Starch in Moisture Sensitive Applications Mr. Charlie Cunningham- Colorcon
Polymers for Versatile Formulations of Oral Solids and Tablets of Controlled Release Dr. Elena Draganoiu, Ph.D- Noveon
Auditing the Excipient Manufacturer Mr. Edwin Silverstein & Mr. Art Falk- IPEA (IPEC)
Specialty Colloidal Silicon Dioxide - Modified to Perform Mr. Paul M. Fox- Degussa AEROSIL


Design of Experiments (DoE) as a Tool for Pharma Manufacturing, Tech Transfer & Troubleshooting - Emerson Resources, Inc.

Film Coating Technology for Pharmaceutical Applications - Colorcon Inc.

Pharma Formulation Workshop for Tablet Dosage Forms - Emerson Resources, Inc.

Cleaning of Excipients: Optimal Cleaning Chemistries, Mechanisms and Validation for Difficult Insoluble Coatings & Polymers - Dober Group