April 25th & 26th, 2006 - Ritz Carlton Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico's best Pharma Event
with World-class Exhibitors and
Cutting-edge Tech Conferences

ExcipientFest celebrated it’s sixth birthday, and what a show it was!

The two day event has become one of the leading international forums devoted to scientific developments in excipient technology. This year proved to be a true educational bridge between worldwide excipient manufacturers and Puerto Rico’s demanding pharmaceutical industry, with over 600 pharma scientists and professionals from more than 100 companies in attendance.

ExcipientFest 2006 featured in-depth presentations, hands-on short-courses, and a poster session focused on new excipient technologies and regulatory issues. The conference is designed to have a total science focus and to be true to the role of functionality of pharmaceutical ingredients in the formulation process. ExcipientFest proves once more, that the real magic in pharma begins with the science... and the science is the fun!

2006 Speakers & Presentations

EXCIPIENTFEST-Technical Seminar

Superdisintegrants: General considerations for Synthesis & Usage Dr. John Langridge, PhD- DMV International
Successful Technical Leadership Mr. Walter Strathy- Emerson Resources
Structure & Dry Binding Activity of Copovidone & its Fine Grade Dr. Anisul Quadir, PhD- BASF Pharma Solutions
Innovative & Streamlined Coating System Alternative for Sugar- Coated Tablets Dr. Gerard Thone, PhD- FMC Biopolymers USA
Principles & Application of Erodible Drug-Polymer Matrix Systems Dr. Thomas Dürig, PhD- Aqualon USA
Taste Masking: Taking the “Yeuch” out of Medicine Dr. Lyn Huges, PhD- Rohm & Haas
Compression of Particles Coated with Polymethacrylate Copolymers Mr. Muthaiah Annamalai- Degussa Röhm Pharma Polymers
Optimized Manufacturing Efficiency through High Functionality Ingredients Mr. Joseph Zeleznik- JRS Pharma USA
Impact of Polymeric Excipient Selection & Process Variables on Hot Melt Extrusion Mr. Mark Hall- Dow Chemical
Prediction of Compaction Effects of Formulation Excipients in High- Speed Press using Statistical Optimization Dr. Dipan Ray, PhD- ISP
Partially Pregelatinized Starch in High Shear Wet Granulation Applications Mr. Gus Labella- Colorcon
Pre-Formulation Process Evaluation: The Key Drug Delivery Efficiency Dr. Enrique Nieves, PhD- Patheon Mova
Functionality Advantages of High Quality Magnesium Stearate in Solid Dosage Forms Mr. Pieter Grommans- Peter Greven Nederland CV
Specific Benefit Optimization from Excipients via Changes in Physical Parameters Mr. Valdemir Passos- Blanver USA

Excipient Regulatory Conference & Panel

Optimum Facilities Design for Warehousing of Pharmaceutical Products & Storage of Hazardous Materials Mr. Gonzalo González P.E.- Alpha Engineering Group, PSC

Bulk Pharmaceutical Excipients: GMP Compliance Dr. Erwin Silverstein, PhD- IBS Consulting in Quality LLC

Alternatives for the Pharma Formulator: Post-Approval Excipient Changes –IPEC/SUPAC Mr. Daniel Shaheen- Mutchler Inc. USA

Exceeding Compliance of cGMP/QA Requirements for Excipient Manufacturing Dr. Hans Hermans, PhD- DMV International GmbH

Successful Cleaning of Difficult to Clean Excipients Mr. Dan Doberez- Dober Group

Excipient Acceptance, Assessment & Control – IPEC’s New Guidelines for Safety Evaluation, Information Sharing & GMP Mr. Dave Schoneker- Colorcon


Pharma Formulation Workshop for Tablet Dosage Forms - Emerson Resources, Inc.

Film Coating Technology for Pharmaceutical Applications - Colorcon Inc.