April 19th & 20th, 2005 - Ritz Carlton Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2005 Speakers & Presentations


EXCIPIENTFEST-Technical Seminar

Functionality Advantages of Non-Bovine Lubricants in Solid Dosage Forms: Magnesium Stearate Mr. Pieter Gommans - Peter Greven Nederland CV
Statistical Tools for Evaluation of Process Optimizations and Troubleshooting Mr. Adolfo Gomez- Emerson Resources, Inc.
Development of High Functionality Excipients for Immediate & Sustained Release Dosage Forms Dr. Anisul Quadir, PhD- BASF Pharma Solutions
Compaction Simulators, from Development to Production Mr. Gregory Thoorens- FMC
Addressing Transdermal and Topical Formulation Challenges Using the Unique Properties of Silicones Mr. Micheal Watson- Dow Corning Corporation
Future Generations of Lactose for Direct Compression Dr. John Langridge, PhD- DMV International Pharma
Formulating Aqueous Polymer Film Coating Dispersions with Pigments Dr. Nasser Nyamweya, PhD- Degussa Röhm Pharma Polymers
Advancements in the Application of High Functionality Excipients: Avenues for Product Life Cycle Management Dr. Bob E. Sherwood, PhD- JRS Pharma LP
New Granulation Processes using Foamed Aqueous Binders Dr. Colin Keary, PhD- Dow Chemical Co.
Phase Inversion Temperature Technology for Enhancement of Drug Stability and Delivery System Effectiveness Mr. Guido Baumoeller- Cognis Deutschland GmbH
Binding Fundamentals of Immediate Release Tablets Dr. Richard Salzstein, PhD- Aqualon
Glidants: Effect of Colloidal Silicon Dioxide and Mixing on Powder Flow by Secondary Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy Mr. Paul Fox- Degussa Aerosil

Excipient Regulatory Conference & Panel

Impact of FDA’s PAT Initiatives on Excipient Qualification, Supplier Change Notification & Improved Supplier-User Relationships Mr. David Schoneker-Director Global Regulatory Affairs-Colorcon

Biotechnology: A Future Perspective & GMP Requirements for Finished Product Mr. Jose Caraballo - Associate Director of Quality Operations - Amgen Puerto Rico

Monitoring & Modeling Methods for Dry Powder Blending & Segregation Dr. Teresa Carvajal PhD - Associate Professor of Industrial Pharmacy - Purdue University

Standardized Technical Guidance Documents vs. Supplier Questionnaires: An IPEC Initiative Ms. Victoria Shaheen - Tech Support & Regulatory Director - Mutchler Inc.

Panel Discussion: Key Regulatory Issues Affecting Excipients: The Present and Future.


Pharmaceutical Formulation Workshop for Tablet Dosage Forms - Emerson Resources, Inc.

Film Coating Technology for Pharmaceutical Applications - Colorcon Inc.