"Linking Pharma Industry to Global Trends"
April 15th &16th, 2004 - Ritz Carlton Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2004 Speakers & Presentations



EXCIPIENTFEST-Technical Seminar

Super Disintegrants: Optimum Efficiency from Natural Starch Granules- Dr. Xavier Duriez PhD- Roquette

Improvements in Acrylic Coatings- Dr. Charles Signorino PhD- Emerson Resources

Developments in Functionality Efficacy of New Instant Release Coatings vs. Common Instant Release Coatings- Dr. Anisul Quadir PhD- BASF

        21 Century Compaction Man: The Nature & Relevance of Pharmaceutical Tabletting in the Future- Dr. Brian Carlin PhD- FMC Biopolymers

Working with FDA: Flexibility & Interpretation of Component Changes in Tablets- Mr. David Schoneker- Colorcon

        Lactose for Inhalation and New Developments in Lactose for Direct Compression- Dr. John Langridge, PhD- DMV-Pharma

Development, Characterization & Evaluation of a Novel Multi-Unit Eroding Matrix System for Poorly Soluble Drugs- Dr. Ketan Mehta PhD- Degussa Rhm Pharma

        Excipio-Economics: The Rise of High-Functionality Excipients Outperforming Tradition- Dr. Bob E. Sherwood PhD- JRS Pharma

Biotechnology Animal Serum Replacement in Eukaryotic Cell Culture Systems: An Overview- Dr. Rick de Waard PhD- DMV Nutritionals

        Three Stages of Effusivity Adoption as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tool- Dr. Nancy Mathis PhD- Mathis Instruments

Evaluation of a Novel Excipient as a Directly Compressible Binder- Mr. Rama Haldar- ISP

        Solving Common Pre-Formulation Problems Using Ion Exchange Resins- Dr. Lyn Hughes- PhD / Rhm & Haas

Group Panel Discussion: Future Excipient Technology for Pharmaceutical Formulations and New Drug Applications-

Excipient Regulatory Conference & Panel

Update on IPECs New Guidelines for Excipient Qualification Mr. David Schoneker-Director Global Regulatory Affairs-Colorcon

The Bioterrorism Act: Scope, Implementation, Implications for the Pharma Industry Ms. Victoria Shaheen - Tech Support & Regulatory Director - Mutchler Inc.

Submitting CMC Information for Drug Products: Common Technical Documentation Format Ms. Myra Garcia Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate - Mova Pharmaceuticals

BSE: Risk Assessment of Pharma Ingredients: A Complete Review Dr. Armand Janssen PhD Manager Regulatory Affairs - DMV International

Panel Discussion: Key Regulatory Issues Affecting Excipients: The Present and Future Participants: Excipient Regulatory Speakers (four) and two representatives from industry and FDA.
"Pharmaceutical Formulation Workshop for Tablet Dosage Forms"- Emerson Resources