ExcipientFest 2003: The Biggest yet!
May 2nd, 2003 - Ritz Carlton Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2003 Speakers & Presentations



Mr. Dwight Mutchler
Mutchler Inc. PR (Vice President)
"Introductions & Market Updates"

Dr. Xavier Duriez PhD
Roquette America (Global Manager/ Pharma.)
"ODT / Fast Melt Oral Dosage Forms: Technical Review and Recommendations"

Dr. Anisul Quadir PhD
BASF (Technical Development Manager)
"The Application of Polyvinylacetate in Control Release Formulation"

Victoria Shaheen
Mutchler Inc. USA (Technical Support Manager)
"IPEC & FDA: Global Harmonization of Excipient Monographs, Auditing & Excipient GMP's"

Dr. Richard Salzstein PhD
Aqualon (Technical Sales Director)
"Modified Release: Role of Cellulosic Derivatives for Formulation and Processing"

Speaker's Panel Debate
"Future Excipient Technology for Pharmaceutical Formulations and New Drug Applications"